Supporting Subsidiaries

Fjárvakur - Icelandair Shared Services offers expert services to companies in the area of financial services, such as accounting and salary processing, credit and treasury management, tax planning and reporting. Its biggest customers include all Icelandair Group companies.

The company is the largest in Iceland of this kind and was originally intended to operate a supporting role to the finance functions for the companies of Icelandair Group, with the shared services concept as a cornerstone. The company has now been taken to the next level, that is, offering services to companies outside the Group, with a number of companies already in service. Fjárvakur – Icelandair Shared Services is leader in Iceland in its field of operation and its 70 employees possess extensive expertise.

In June 2006 the company bought Airline Services Estonia, a company based in Tallinn, Estonia which specializes in Sales- and Revenue accounting for airlines. The biggest customers today are Icelandair and Estonian Air.

Fjárvakur – Icelandair Shared Services aims to continue expanding, offering more services to existing customers and to new ones as well. The focus has always been on unit-cost reduction and higher service levels, which are the key to success in this area of business.


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