Icelandair Ground Services

groundservices_womanIcelandair Ground Services provides comprehensive airport ground handling services for airlines and passengers at Keflavík International Airport. IGS was established in 2001, but airport and ground operations in Iceland have been a part of the airline operation from the foundation of Icelandair Group predecessors. IGS provides aircraft ground handling services for all types of aircraft, a flight kitchen and bonded stores, a new cargo centre and a restaurant division in the Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal. IGS also operates ready-to-eat meal operations and services for off-airport companies and schools. All these units are organized and run as independent profit units.


Igroundservices_emplyeesGS is a service provider enabling airlines and other customers to obtain all services required through one service provider. IGS competes with two other suppliers of ground handling services at Keflavík Airport. Icelandair is the biggest client of IGS, but the company also has contracts with other airlines, such as Iceland Express, Icelandair Cargo, SAS and LTU among others, for ground handling services. The company experienced good growth in turnover in the year 2007 in all its business units. New markets opened, such as restaurant operations for schools and companies outside the Icelandair Group and the airline sector. Future growth is expected in that area. New restaurants opened in the Leifur Eiriksson air terminal in the year of 2007, which will meet the expected growth in passenger numbers in the coming years. The new restaurants have already proven to be a success.


groundservices_no_producedsIGS has contracts with most airlines using Keflavik Airport and aims to maintain its market share. Opportunities for growth go hand in hand with the expected growth in the number of passengers passing through the airport. The company will be ISO 9001 approved early in the year 2008; this will certify the high quality and standards of the company’s services.





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