The year 2007 in brief

  • NET EARNINGS : 257 million
  • EBITDA : 5.5 billion
  • TOTAL ASSETS: 67 billion
  • NET OPERATING CASH: 3.9 billion

Chairman Address

Although the Group’s operations have generally been successful in 2007 there is no disguising the fact that the performance of some companies within the Group has been unsatisfactory. The operating results of Icelandair, Icelandair Cargo and Bluebird have been below projections. Icelandair is the most important company within the Group and is responsible for the greatest part of its turnover. Read more

CEO Comment

Last year the total turnover of the company was ISK 63.5 billion, up by 13% from 2006. The operation had both positive and disappointing sides. We have a large and diversified group with many foundations. There was rapid growth and healthy profit in charter and aircraft trading activities. We had solid performance in the Travel and Tourism segment. Read more


Icelandair Group is a holding company with independent subsidiaries that are focused within the airline and tourism sectors. Icelandair Group owns and operates profitable and dynamic travel and transport companies delivering safe, reliable and convenient services. We create value for our customers, employees and shareholders by focusing on customer needs, efficient service delivery and unique and superior value propositions.    Read more

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